Sunday, April 22, 2018

Swallow Riders: news from the workbench 4

Hello There and thanks for checking in!
Today we have a quick update from the work bench. I've been able to find a few hours in between studying for finals.

First we have the Swallows. They are nearly done.

They are nearly done, and I am very excited. These are the first two birds I have ever sculpted and there were a handful of lessons learned, some outstanding puzzles that I still need to figure out as well ... and lots of mistakes. I tried to make their necks the right size for gnomes to sit atop, lining things up just so before I added texture, but there is still a garish gap, so this means the Swallows will be getting some saddles and tack. On top of that, even though swallows tuck their tiny feet into their feathers, I still need to sculpt some feet onto the bottom.

Next we have even more gnome riders to augment the 8 poses we already have.

First up we have the female apprentice illusionist. Her conversion is relatively simple from the original on foot version. I sculpted some riding legs, raised her left hand, lowered the staff, and got rid of her ponytail. She's also gained a pouch to cover up an area that didn't come out as I would have liked.

Next we have the heroine clad in mail. She was a very simple conversion, I simply cut one of the mounted spearmen gnomes in half and took his legs and did the opposite to the heroine on foot. I then sculpted a belt between the two halves and added a pouch to cover up an area I didn't like. 

Moving right along, we have the elder illusionist. This conversion work was a bit trickier. In order to make the model a bit more interesting I opted to pose her riding sidesaddle. This meant sculpting little legs and redoing all of the cloak work below the waist. I also removed the pipe as it felt odd to smoke while she rode. I then added a sack to cover up an area I didn't like (but I think it also acts to counterweight the model a bit and make it fit on the fox mounts a little better.)

Finally, I have added a fifth mounted gnome armed with a spear and lightly armored. This was another easy conversion. I cut a spearman in half, sculpted riding legs, gave him a longer hat, a mail coif, and then rejiggered his beard a bit. For some reason he came out feeling a tad big, but not beyond reasoned tolerances. I felt this pose was necessary because the other rider poses weren't quite aggressive enough, and another pose did not fit neatly on the first two swallows (spear running into the wing) so I felt this would give more variation.
Feel free to leave comments on how I can improve or what else you'd like to see in our growing line of gnomes. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Swallow Riders: news from the workbench 3

Update on the swallows. I've found a few pockets of time to put in some sculpting.
Top of the Swallow
Bottom of the Swallow
Top of the Swallow

bottom of the Swallow

Another Mounted Magic User
Mounted Magic User
A Further Mounted Gnome with Spear

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Welcome to the Old School Miniatures Company

We are a miniatures company dedicated to producing wargaming figurines in the aesthetic of the golden age of fantasy wargaming: the late 1980's. We work with venerable sculptors as well as new talent. Our staff is composed of gamers who are driven by their love of the hobby and want to share their hobby with as many others as possible; but we can't do it for free.

Our target niche is filling the miniature gaps in the old bestiaries in a way useful to wargames and making miniatures that have that special nostalgia factor from our childhoods. We hope that you love our miniatures as much as we do.

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Swallow Riders: news from the workbench 2

Just a quick update on the Swallows. I've had a busy last couple weeks with law school, but I found some time this evening to put down some putty and start two of the swallows. These are the first wings I've ever sculpted but I feel they are coming out well. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Swallow Riders: news from the workbench 1

I had a mostly quiet Friday midday to myself so I decided to start the Swallow Riders for the OS Miniatures Gnomes range.

I have never sculpted birds before so this is new territory. Goal for today was to craft the armatures for the birds.

I started off getting my hands on some sheet copper.
The Next step was to print off some silhouettes of swallows scaled to carry a gnome on their shoulders.

Next I cut out a rectangle of the copper roughly bigger than one of the birds.

This was then hammer to make it thinner so the final birds' wings wouldn't be too thick and so the armature would be easier to pose.

Next I super glued one of the swallow silhouettes onto the copper

 Finally I used tin-snips to cut the shape out

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New on the Workbench: medieval marginalia

For our medievalist and nerdy fans we offer a quick sneak peek at our future Medieval Marginalia line. Medieval Marginalia refers to the zany doodles in the margins of manuscripts. We plan to bring them to life in metal for the 28mm scale. For now they are all WIP.

First, a knight bravely fighting back a Snail rampant:

Next we have the traditional animal joust:

These still have more work to be done. But once finished, we plan to run a kickstarter to help us create an entire line of surreal minis to bring these old texts to life.

Please take a few minutes to fill out our zany and lewd survey of future marginalia!