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The Small Battle of Kleinedorf

Miser Krikch paced back and forth in his mountainous lair.  You see, he had a problem: he was a penny pincher and he was running out of pennies to pinch. As much as he might cut corners - diluting the skavenbrew and adulterating the rat food - running an evil lair was not cheap and not nearly as profitable as he might have hoped. 

"Profffffitssss - Profitssss" He hissed to himself as he looked over the shoulder of his plagued scribe who was diligently tabulating the output of the slaves and the costs of their rations. The numbers weren't adding up as he wanted. 

As he was strangling his third accountant that month, (it's terribly frustrating when they can't make profits appear out of poor numbers) his ears perked up. A quiet distant noise piqued his ears. That doesn't sound like Skaven work - something else must be afoot!

The miserly rat scurried to his mountain porthole and, with a tiptoe, he put his ear against the night. His accountant made some gurgling and gasping noises as he regained his breath - disturbed by this confounding noise Krikch, with a eyeroll and a groan, returned to finish killing miserable rat. And then, when all was quiet again, he returned to his porthole to eavesdrop on the goingson without. 

And what did his dish-like ears hear? Why, they were happy noises. The gnomes in the valley were celebrating some happy occurrence. They weren't miserable like him. Since the main cause of his misery was his miserly ways, he figured they must be making a healthy profit to be so happy. 

"If profitssss they hasssss... then profitsssss can be taken from them!" He reasoned to himself. "Yes-yesssss" He smiled a most crooked smile and began hatching a plan. 

You see, to a craven skaven like Krikch war can be quite profitable. Losing a few henchmen in battle can be an effective way to cut costs and shrink overheads without the trouble of killing them himself. However, those skryre trinkets can be costly - deferred loans and voided warranties can be handy to avoid payments. Yes yes. It was all coming together! Death to the gnome-things! Profits for Miser Krikch!

Weeks later, after the contracts could be settled, the Skaven marched forth to take what wasn't theirs. Thankfully, the diligent and frequent fox patrols of the valley spotted the cheaply equipped rat column skittering down a mountain path. The nearby villages were evacuated and the modest Cantonal forces were marshalled to meet the Skaven menace. 

Thus began the battle of Kleinedorf....

Rules background

This game uses the rules as they appeared in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th edition starter box: the Armies Pamphlet, rulebook, bestiary, and our fan made gnome rules meant to supplement the Armies Pamphlet. 

The Eidelfallen Valley Defenders

28 Gnomen Wehr: reservists armed with pikes. The unit contains a leader, standard, Cantonal Standard and musician. 

25 Burghergnomen: local militia armed with spears. They are wearing light armor and carry shields. The unit contains a leader, standard and musician. 

10 Guardengnomen: professional fighters armed with halberds. The unit contains a leader, standard and musician.

5 Schwalberiete: skilled swallow-riding gnomes armed with spears. They are wearing light armor and carry shields. The unit is lead by their aviary guildmaster armed a shield and Parrying Blade. 

8 Fuchssch├╝tze : fox-riding gnomes armed with crossbows.

5 Armbrust Gnomen : furriers armed with crossbows

5 Armbrust Gnomen: furriers armed with crossbows

Miser Krikch and his Craven Skaven Cronies

15 Krikch's Crew: Stormvermin armed with halberds. They are wearing light armor. The unit is lead by a Miser Krikch and includes a standard and musician. 

15 Ne'erdowells: Clanrats armed with spears. They are wearing light armor and carry shields. The unit includes a standard bearer. 

15 Craven Bystanders: underpaid clanrats armed with spears. They are wearing light armor and carry shields. The unit includes a musician.

1 Zrot the Rat Ogre: accompanied by a packmaster. 

1 Kral the Rat Ogre: accompanied by a packmaster. 

1 Qalk Rat Ogre: accompanied by a packmaster. 

5 Krikch's Loan Sharks: gutter runners armed with additional hand weapons and throwing knives.

Warpfire Thrower

Warpfire Thrower

Poisoned Wind Globadier

Poisoned Wind Globadier


We rolled to see how long the game would be. 4 turns.

The Skaven deployed to the North of Klienedorf. Kikch positioned himself and his trusty crew in the center with his untrustworthy henchmen to his left. He spread his rat ogres out to wreak havoc and fear across the battlefield. On his far right he deployed his loan sharks to pilfer money and stab lone gnomes on the unprotected left flank. 

The Gnomes deployed their Wehr reservist Pike near the center with experienced Guardengnomes to protect the fenceline. The burgher gnomes were more vulnerable, but it was hoped the crossbowgnomes on their sides could skewer a few rats before coming to blows. Because the fox patrols were instrumental in evacuating civilians they did not have an opportunity to take a strong position. Instead, they hunkered out of site behind the fence line on the gnome's right flank. Less than ideal. 

Not drawn to scale
Overview of the battlefield.

The Gnomen Wehr deployed in the center with their cherished Squirrel Banner

Krikch's clanrat henchmen. 

Krikch and his stormvermin crew. 

Wily Loan Sharks on the Skaven far right. 

Skaven Turn 1

The Skaven plan was simple: Advance. 

Loan Sharks (gutter runners) and
Qalk the ogre creeping around the backyard. 

Krikch skampers forward protected
by his expensive gadgets. 

The Bystanders and Kral
advance around the shed.

Gnomish Turn 1


On their far left the gnomish crossbowmen had to advance to take up position behind the fence line so that they could see during the next turn. The spear and pike advanced forward to close the gap. Despite, their low toughness, gnomes fair better in close combat than lingering for the enemy to approach. 

On the far right, the fox patrol abandoned their position because they could not see over the fence to shoot. Instead the guardengnomen advance up that route. 
Pike and spear advance. 
Guardengnomen advance along the fenceline.


Gnome crossbowmen shoot the clanrats. 
Two vile ratmen perish. 

Skaven Turn 2


The Skaven declare two charges. Krikch into the speargnomes and his hopeless ne'erdowells into the wehr reservists. 
Stormvermin plow into the speargnomes.

Ne'erdowell run into an orderly pike wall.


The Skaven flanks advance forward on both sides. And the globadiers slip forward to get a better position for their deadly spheres. 

Crossbowgnomes outnumbered but not dispirited. 
Overview of the battlefield.
Zrot the rat ogre tediously walking around the warpfire thrower. 
The central battle.
Globadier getting close enough to gas the gnomes.


During their shooting phase the skaven let loose with their trinkets. One warpfire thrower and two of the globadiers find their marks. However, the other fire thrower is not so lucky. That team has a tragic mistake and has to scurry for safety before exploding!

Note: In the WFB 4th ed rulebook, warpfire throwers use the 1" radius template instead of the later teardrop template, allowing them to arc over their comrades. 

Warpfire thrower arcs over his 
comrades to torch the gnomes. 

7 gnomes are torched,
Decimating their rank bonus!

Misfire! 3! Run-run!

The fuel-bearing rat tried to run to
the well but exploded before
he could make it


7 gnomes choke and die on the vile skaven gas. 
Death to the gnome-things!
2 gnomes pass out after
whiffing the Skaven concoction 

Combat Results

This was a mixed round for both sides. The speargnomes broke and fled. On the other side, the clanrats also broke and fled. 

The Skaven kill 5 gnomes, and 
the gnomes only kill 2 skaven in reply.

Gnomish spearmen flee from the Krikch

12 on a Panic test! The flight of their spear-armed
 comrades unnerves the crossbowgnomes. 

An assassin appears!

The Assassin strikes down a pike gnome
 before they can react. In response the
 gnome reservists kill the remaining
front rank of the skaven unit. With
their front rank dead, the clanrats
 don't get to strike back. 

The skaven run higgledy-piggledy away!

Gnome Turn 2


On the far left the swallow riders swoop down to attack the gutter runners. In the center, the fox patrol charge the stormvermin to save the speargnomes. The pikegnomes press their attack and charge the rat ogre through the fleeing clanrats. Meanwhile the speargnomes rally. 
Swallows pick off the gutter runners in the field. 
Fox riders charge the storm vermin to save the spearmen. 
The clanrats flee from the gnome wehr!

Overview of the center. 
Zrot the rat ogre thrashes at the wall of pikes.


Only the guarden gnomes do a normal move. 
The brave guarden gnomes advance.


On the left the crossbowgnomes behind the fence shoot at Qalk the rat ogre. 
Two hits! Then, a one and a two?! No wounds.

Combat Results

Broadly good results for the gnomes. 
All but one gutter runner is slain by the swallow riders.
The last rat slays a swallow rider. The rat runs away and is caught.  
Each side takes a casualty.
The Stormvermin win due to a single rank bonus.
The Patrol holds its ground.
Pikes always attack first causing a single wound.
The rat ogre kills two pike men, but it isn't
 enough. The gnomes have ranks and a battle standard.  
The Rat ogre flees and is pursued off the board. 

The warpfire thrower nearby panics and flees. 

Skaven Turn 3


On the far right, the rat ogre declares a charge against the crossbowgnomes. The gnomes stand and shoot causing two wounds! One to the packmaster and one to Qalk. Qalk panics and runs away. 


On their left, the Skaven sidle around seeking to force a decision from the gnomes. 
Sorry about the selection box around the movement arrow :/


More gassing! The globadiers gas the guarden gnomes again. 
Bloompf! Another globe crashes. 

3 more gnomes choke to death. 

Combat Results

After winning the previous combat the
Storm Vermin rearrange getting more attacks.
They inflict 3 casualties soundly winning the combat.  
The fox patrols break and flee! The spearmen,
seeing their saviors break, decide to flee. 

Overview of the center of the field. 

Gnomish Turn 3


The Pike Wehr returns to the battle field. The swallow riders fly high. The fox riders flee from the field. And, the guarden gnomes continue their deadly, slow advance along the fenceline.  
Fox patrol flees from the battlefield!


Crossbow gnomes shoot at the rat ogre to no effect. 

Skaven Turn 4


The stormvermin advance on the guarden gnomes. 


One last time, the skaven attempt to gas the guarden gnomes. 
Die. Die! Gnome things! 
Another 2 gnomes die.

Gnomish Turn 4


The guarden gnomes make their valiant charge at the rat ogre at the end of the lane. Joining them, the swallows swoop down on the ogre. 
The rat ogre is surrounded.

Combat Results

The Rat ogre is destroyed. 

The guarden gnomes score three hits
and three wounds killing the rat ogre. The
swallows finish off the packmaster.
The clanrats pass their panic test. 

Victory Points

The final board state.

Gnomish Victory Points

Defeat of the ne'erdowells [104 pts of rank and file, + 30 pts assassin, 
+20 pts globadier, +70 pts warpfire thrower = 224 pts]                        +3 victory points
Defeat of each rat ogre unit [each unit is 53 pts x 3]                               +3 victory points
Defeat of the Loan Sharks [ 70 pts]                                                               +1 victory point
Occupying the Southwestern quarter with crossbowgnomes             +1 victory point
Gnomish total: 8 Victory Points

Skaven Victory Points

Defeat of the fox patrol [105 pts]                                                             +2 victory points
Defeat of the speargnomes [243 pts]                                                       +3 victory points
Defeat of a unit of crossbowgnomes [40 pts]                                       +1 victory point
Skaven total: 6 Victory Points