Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Gnomenhauf of Eidelfallen Pass

Behold the brave gnomes assembled for battle! The gnomes of the Eidelfallen Pass are a quiet and productive people. Despite their typically tranquil lives, they are prepared to defend themselves. All point values are derived from this armylist.
1435 points of valiant gnomes.  

Guarden Gnomes x 11. Equipped with halberds and light armor. 179 pts. The Guarden Gnomen are the professional core of the gnomish forces. They are highly drilled and skilled at arms. They carry their Timberline banner aloft.
Burgher Gnomen x 25. Equipped with light armor, shields and spears. Carrying aloft their glorious Squirrel Cantonal standard and their regimental Stag Banner.  268 pts. These gnomes are primarily drawn from the local hamlet guild. They form the bulk of the gnomenhauf defending their communities.
Gnomes-an-Armen x 8. Equipped with light armor, spears, and shields riding foxes. 99 pts. The hamlets of Eidelfallen pass can muster a small contingent of these mounted gnomes. They are useful for dispersing skirmishers and unwary infantry. 

Orgelkanonen and Kleinekanone. 2 organ guns and a small cannon. 195 pts. Gnomish artillery is not as artful or powerful as their dwarven cousins’. Gnomes lack the large foundries necessary to cast typical sized guns and the stature to man them. 

Armbrust Gnomen x 12. Euipped with crossbow. 96 pts. Crossbowmen are drawn largely from the semi-professional burger militias and from the furrier guilds.

Fuchssch├╝tze x 8. Scouts equipped with crossbows mounted on foxes. 120 pts. These cunning fox riders are used as messengers, and to patrol the forests and glades of the gnomish canton. 

Wizards and Heroes. From Left to Right: Miz Snaffle Brumbider a lvl 5 Heathtinker, Fritzle Gumdew a lvl 10 Glimcaster,  Jiggle Wickletopf another lvl 5 Heathtinker, Higgle Von Schlafen a lvl 15 Hillcantor, Winkle Tellbutton lvl 5 guildmaster, and Frau Rostimauer lvl 5 heroine. 480 pts. 
Gnomen Tross - Gnomish Baggage train. While gnomes seldom leave the safety of their alpine havens, they are nearly always accompanied by a baggage train. Gnomish baggage trains are filled with all variety of craftsmen skilled in the provision of the army. These trains even include many fraugnomen in the tross.


  1. Great names and detail. You’ve definitely captured the Warhammer Armies feel

    1. Thanks! I appreciate hearing that. I was trying to imitate the Reikspiel of the 3rd ed. army book but with a gnomish twist since my gnomes are supposed to have a late medieval Swiss flavor.