Saturday, February 15, 2020

2 More Stretch Goals left to sculpt!

Hello OS Minis fans,
This update is mostly to give an overview of how far I have made it sculpting so far and then at the end an update on the current stretch goal: the Gnomish Lord and Lady.

First we have the gnomish peasant command. On the far left is the musician. He is armed with a spiked club and holds a horn in his right hand at his side. In the middle is the unit champion/leader he is posed to pay homage to the famed Nulner Landschneckt model from Citadel in the late 80's.  The gnome on the right is the standard bearer. His poses telegraphs a walk or perhaps waving the flag. On top of the banner he has a large gnomish shoe. This is meant to be a reference to the German Peasant Wars in which some peasants had Boot flags or would put Boots atop poles to symbolize their movement.

Next we have the rank and file poses. Three are in attacking poses, two are idle, and one is marching. The idea for arming them with flails comes from prints of medieval peasant revolts that show men armed with flails whalloping their enemies. Most of the flails should be easily removed and replaced with other farm implements if folks have a mind to do so. 

This is the female gnome command. On the left is the leader. She is wearing a dress but otherwise clad like our spearmen units with a mail shirt and helmet. Her pose telegraphs an imminent backswing. The middle is a musician. I chose to give her an alphorn like one of our existing villagers to play up the "Swiss" element and to differentiate her from our other musicians. Her garb is slightly more gender neutral. And the gnome on the right is the standard bearer. She is wearing a dress like our villager gnomes. The standard has an owl on top. 

These are the rank and file female gnomes. Three are armed with Pikes and represent the various standard pike poses - attacking, at ease, and marching respectively. The pikes may be shortened to be spears or cut off and replaced with halberds to integrate them into various units Finally the last two are armed with crossbows. One has a raised sword perhaps ready for close combat, or cheering a victory. The last is posed as if ready to maneuver. 

This is the command for the LongHats or Old Keebler Guard (open to new names.) The leader on the left is distinguished by his feather and fancy visor. The standard bearer is posed as if marching at ease. Atop the banner is a hand gestured to symbolize the taking of an oath in Swiss society. The gnome on the right is the musician. He is unique for the gnome as he carries a drum and has a silly coiled hat. 

Finally we have the rank and file poses. There are three fighting poses (1,2, and 5) and three shieldwall/advancing poses (3,4, and 6)

That's 26 new gnomes!

Finally, for this update at least, we have the Lord Gnome and the Lady Gnome. My original intent for the gnomish range was that they would be akin to the medieval Swiss and not have central leadership for the army. So the range has been lacking epic fighter/general classed characters. I likely won't be including these in my own army, but these were the most desired stretch goal, by number of votes, so... thy will be done! :) 

For the Lord Gnome I am going to model him after the LongHats, so that, compared to the rest of the army, he appears old and venerable. He will be posed to appear defiant as if starring down a man-sized model in the eye. Chin raised high. One had on his hip as if daring and the other resting atop his trusty Morning Star. I chose a morning star to further signal his antiquity as it clashes "chronologically" with the use of pike and halberd by the rest of the army. The use of powerful weapons like flails makes gnomes very hard hitting on the charge especially with their skill at arms. Finally, He will have his own custom headgear. He will have a crown that is fashioned like the gnomish helmets. It will be a circular metal band around a hat, with a gem in the center and perhaps some embellishments. 

The Lady Gnome is going to be similar to the female leader from the command set above. She will wear a dress and mail. However, she will be armed with a trusty mace. She will have a more regal and defiant pose like her husband; looking up as if contemptuous of a taller model. To differentiate her from the leader more, she will also have a crown - either upon braided hair or a hat. There's only so much one can do to differentiate leaders. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Gnome Peasants on the Workbench 01

Hello OS Minis Fans,
Today we have an update on the peasants. They are progressing quickly as their are much less finicky with their details and layers compared to the Longhats. You can find photos of the completed Longhats in the previous article.

They are armed with flails. The choice of flails for the peasants comes from prints of the german peasant revolts feature peasants armed with flails and similar prints from the Swiss Peasant War featuring two handed clubs. They differ from most of the normal gnomes in in that their garb is tattered and a few have holes in their shoes :( Otherwise they have a similar aesthetic to the rest of the gnome range and shouldn't appear out of place.

I am aiming for 6 rank and file poses and 3 command poses.

The first 4 rank and file poses are coming along swiftly. 

I am thinking the standard bearer will have a boot atop his banner like the german peasants' Bundschuh. But I'm open to ideas :) What would gnomish peasants put atop their flag?
Once the Longhats were done I started the rest of the peasant gnomes. 

The giants are still being worked on. They are nearly completed and I will be transitioning to making knick knacks for them.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Old Gnomes on the workbench 03

Hello OS minis fans,
Another update. The old keebler guard/longhats are done. (except some minor catchup work on the standard.) Overall, I am pretty satisfied with how these turned out. They are rather unique among the current range of gnomes, but they have enough commonalities to feel at home. Their sword hilts, tunics, and helmets really tie them into the material culture used by the rest of the army, while their poses and armor pay homage to old school orcs and dwarves from the late 80's.

First up, we have the command models.

Next, we have the rank and file models.

Finally, I have a group shot of the peasant gnomes. They are progressing quicker since they are much less complicated sculpts with fewer layers. By my reckoning only another 9 layers of putty. With the Longhats done, I can create armatures for the remaining peasant gnomes (another 2 rank and file and 3 command poses.)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Old Gnomes on the workbench 02

Hello OS Minis fans,

Got a brief update today on the gnomes.

First the old Keebler guard or Longhats.
First up the unit leader/champion. He stands apart with his fancy visor and will get a feather to further distinguish him. Few more details to do.

Next there's the musician. He has a drum and a silly hat. 

The standard bearer has a lot of work to do. He fell behind because of his standard. 

Two more rank and file models. Not quite done either. Few more details to finish.

Rooster alternative standard. 

The next pics are the start of the gnomish peasants. They will be tattered and armed with flails or great weapon clubs. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Old Gnomes on the workbench 01

Hello OS mini fans,
Today I have a quick update. This update will focus on the long hats or Old Keebler Guard because the work on the giants is less interesting. I got bogged down sculpting stitches for patches on the giants' clothes.

Below are WIP pics of the elder gnome warriors. Most of their poses are pretty tame and draw from the poses of miniature lines from the 80's. In total there are 6 rank and file poses and 3 command poses. I have some standard tops in the works. This unit will come with a  Schwurhand as a standard top to symbolize the oaths of fealty and duty taken by these elder gnomes. BUT! I have some extra tops in the works, maybe this will be sold with the Old Keeblers or perhaps sold separately so other units can get new tops too!

Rank and File Trooper

Rank and File Trooper

Rank and File Trooper

Rank and File Trooper

Rank and File Trooper



Standard Bearer

Rank and File Trooper

Glove/Gauntlet Standard Top

 Schwurhand Banner Top

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Giants and Gnomes on the Workbench 02

Hello OS Mini Fans,
I have a quick workbench update. I have been making progress on the giants. Progress has slowed ont the giants as they get finalized and I have started the final of the Old Keebler Guard (Long Hats, I am still trying to pin down a good name.) I have all 9 of the keebler guard currently in the works. 

This is a pic of the female giant. I have a few minor additions to make, then I will transition to making scalable knicknacks. Comments and feedback on her appearance are welcome. I really do listen to ideas and appreciate feedback. 

Next, we have the male giant. I had to resculpt the first set of heads that I made since they came out much too big. The next step for the giant is adding patches and transitioning to making scalable knicknacks. If you have ideas for trinkets for the male giant to make him look big I'd love to hear them or comments on his appearance. I got some great feedback on my previous post about the female giant. (Also the foundry paint and mini are just there to prop him up and for scale comparison and do not connote any endorsement or suppose by Foundry.) I wanted this giant to be a bit different from other giants. Since he is meant to be an ally of the gnomes I wanted him to appear friendly and kindly instead of the typical brutish and mean-spirited. That's why I chose to make him smiling with a more carefree pose. Also, you may notice that he is about 50mm tall. This makes him on the short end for giant models, but it makes him appropriately scaled to stand next to old giant miniatures from the 80's (which OS minis has another sculptor working on at the moment!)

These are pics of some of the long hats that are coming along. they still have some work left to do. They need noses, hats, helmets, visors, guards, elbow armor, and pommels. They have long flowing beards to indicate their age. They will have corresponding long hats. Their swords are slightly longer than the short swords wielded by other gnomes in our range suggesting that they come from a previous time when swords were more important than halberds and pikes. Overall, they are meant to have a sorta knightly vibe while borrowing from the culture and clothing styles of our other gnomes. Consistent material culture is important for making the range appear coherent. 

The command for the long hats is meant to convey a sense of experienced competency and calmness as they advance. Imagine the french Old Guard. This is meant to convey the narrative that these gnomes are old veterans who have fought many battles and that this is not their first rodeo. They know what to expect. Unlike our other gnomes this unit will feature a drummer for a musician. The standard bearer will be in an advancing pose but laid back. 

Two things I could use feedback on!

What should go on top of the standard? I was thinking of making it a Schwurhand to evoke their sense of loyalty and steadfastness and continue drawing from Swiss medieval history. The gesture is used by the Swiss going back centuries when they swear legal and governmental oaths including imagery depicting the foundation of the Swiss confederation. But I also get this is a bit of a niche reference. What are other ideas? Perhaps another animal?

Also, the unit leader pose for the longhats has been tricky. I'd like a pose that suggests a kind of determined nonchalance but am just scratching my head. So far I have him posed like our guildmaster model but right handed. Ideas?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Giants and Gnomes on the Workbench

Hello Old School Miniature fans, 
We've got a brief update on the sculpting of the stretch goals. I've fallen a bit behind, I got side tracked by family events around Christmas and was out of town for a couple weeks. But I have been back at it the last few days. 

First up, is the female giant. I have made considerable progress on her. I think the next big thing will be mounting her head and giving her some scaled knicknacks. What I mean by this latter category are human or gnome sized objects that will inform on her giant scale. What sorts of bits and bobs do you think will accomplish this best? Let know what you think in the comments. :)

Next up, we have the giant. I have been making progress on the giant, but I had a step backwards when I realized that the two previous heads were simply too big, so I have recreated the original set but scaled down to fit the body better. I've been going for bigger ears on the giant to play off of the BFG aesthetic. The ears need some work though. 

Next we have the start of the long hats. I've had a minor change in aesthetic for them from my original plans. The original plan was that they would be more along the lines of feudal knights circa 1200-ish. But I've decided on a a more 1400's look that I think fits with the 80's aesthetic more. This means that they will have armor that is a mix between the original Ruglud's armored orcs - chainmail, with some simple plating, and gloves - and the Ulther's dragon company - they will have sallet helmets like the gnomish spearmen we already produce, but with visors. And, instead of the ankle length tabards I had planned, they will have waist-length tabards like late medieval knights, which will mirror the aesthetic of the other gnomes' tunics. I think that this redesign with the simple plate armor and revealing their skinny legs might also make them seem to hearken to the dwarves in the old hobbit cartoon. 

They still have much work to be done. They will need swords, gloves, tabards, belts, faces, beards, hats, helmets and visors. As I finish up the giants I'll be able to shift to sculpting more gnomes at once. 

Finally, there is the new shield. These elder gnomes also get their own shield pattern. This shield pattern is designed to be broader and provide more protection, to imply that these geriatric gnomes will stick around. The old shield was inspired by the lego forestmen shield. This new one borrows from some of the zelda shield designs but keeps the corner whatchadoodles so imply a shared material culture or continuity between the designs.