Saturday, September 8, 2018

Yet Another Workbench Update

First: the baggage train!

No old grumbler worth their salt would go to battle without a baggage train. Naturally, our gnomes had to have carts of their own. Right now we have 2 carts and 3 goats. I plan to add 2 cart riders, as well as baggage to fill the carts. What else belongs in a proper baggage train? Let us know. 
Our first cart
another angle of the first cart

The second cart

Second cart from another angle



Next, we realized our gnomes need sappers. What are our diminutive mountainous people without some digging tools?? Thankfully, we are working to fill this void. So far we have 4 poses, but we are aiming for 6-8 sappers. Is that enough? I am not sure it is. Let us know what sorts of sapper poses you'd like to see. 
Sappers with picks

Sappers with a shovel and wheelbarrow

 Halloween Monster Mash! 

coinciding with our release of skelegnomes, I am sculpting classic Halloween monsters in gnome form! We have a werewolf, vampire, mummy, and a frankenstein's monster. Hopefully, I will get these done on time. 
Gnome Werewolf howling, 22mm to the top of the snout. It's going to have a gnome hat and a typical gnome tunic.

Here's the frankenstein's monster. 15mm tall. He too will have a hat. 

Here's the mummy. Soon it'll have it's wrappings and big hat.  

Gnome vampire. 13mm tall.  He's got a sword, and is hiding behind his cloak.
Here's a cinematic pic of our soon to be released Skelegnomes. I'm very excited about them! Hopefully this link will take you to our skelegnome Kickstarter.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Workbench update!

I haven't sent an update from my workbench for a while. I've been busy sculpting the couple weeks. I've started to make a baggage train and gnomish sappers! Thanks for taking a look at my creative process :) If there are gnomes you'd like to see in the baggage train or among the sappers let me know in the comments.

I also received the new metal swallows, heros, and skelegnomes last week. I have been diligently painting them up. Hopefully I'll have some great stuff to share soon! Very exciting times.
This will be a sapper striking a mighty blow with his pick!

This will be an industrious gnome with a wheelbarrow

Framing up a wagon with an old library card

Every model range needs variety, here's the start of a second wagon. 

First of a few goats to pull those wagons. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gnome Magic

Follow these links for Gnomish Magics. 4th Ed. 6th Ed.

My methodology was pretty straight forward. I just looked to other spells from the relevant edition and reskinned them - new flavor text and names to imply a different effect, but same rules outcome. In theory this should yield spells that are balanced with their respective editions.

You can find our gnomish armylists here -> 4th Ed. 6th Ed. 

Please feel free to leave comments, feedback and testimonials below.

A Keebler Illusionist contemplates. Gnomish Wizards wield a unique lore of magic; their magic is entirely non-lethal. It relies solely upon trickery to confuse and waylay their opponents. 

This is our fan spell list, it does not connote any support, endorsement, or officiality by GamesWorkshop. Used without permission. No challenge to their status or rights intended. All rights reserved to their respective owner.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Gnomenhauf of Eidelfallen Pass

Behold the brave gnomes assembled for battle! The gnomes of the Eidelfallen Pass are a quiet and productive people. Despite their typically tranquil lives, they are prepared to defend themselves. All point values are derived from this armylist.
1435 points of valiant gnomes.  

Guarden Gnomes x 11. Equipped with halberds and light armor. 179 pts. The Guarden Gnomen are the professional core of the gnomish forces. They are highly drilled and skilled at arms. They carry their Timberline banner aloft.
Burgher Gnomen x 25. Equipped with light armor, shields and spears. Carrying aloft their glorious Squirrel Cantonal standard and their regimental Stag Banner.  268 pts. These gnomes are primarily drawn from the local hamlet guild. They form the bulk of the gnomenhauf defending their communities.
Gnomes-an-Armen x 8. Equipped with light armor, spears, and shields riding foxes. 99 pts. The hamlets of Eidelfallen pass can muster a small contingent of these mounted gnomes. They are useful for dispersing skirmishers and unwary infantry. 

Orgelkanonen and Kleinekanone. 2 organ guns and a small cannon. 195 pts. Gnomish artillery is not as artful or powerful as their dwarven cousins’. Gnomes lack the large foundries necessary to cast typical sized guns and the stature to man them. 

Armbrust Gnomen x 12. Euipped with crossbow. 96 pts. Crossbowmen are drawn largely from the semi-professional burger militias and from the furrier guilds.

Fuchssch├╝tze x 8. Scouts equipped with crossbows mounted on foxes. 120 pts. These cunning fox riders are used as messengers, and to patrol the forests and glades of the gnomish canton. 

Wizards and Heroes. From Left to Right: Miz Snaffle Brumbider a lvl 5 Heathtinker, Fritzle Gumdew a lvl 10 Glimcaster,  Jiggle Wickletopf another lvl 5 Heathtinker, Higgle Von Schlafen a lvl 15 Hillcantor, Winkle Tellbutton lvl 5 guildmaster, and Frau Rostimauer lvl 5 heroine. 480 pts. 
Gnomen Tross - Gnomish Baggage train. While gnomes seldom leave the safety of their alpine havens, they are nearly always accompanied by a baggage train. Gnomish baggage trains are filled with all variety of craftsmen skilled in the provision of the army. These trains even include many fraugnomen in the tross.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Oldhammer Swallow stats

Hello fellow oldhammer fans,
I have a query for the community: What should the stats for Giant Swallows be?

First some context.

What sort of a beast are Giant Swallows?
Swallows are not raptors like falcons, Giant Eagles, Warhawks, or Eagles. Rather, real world swallows are nimble insectivores.

How big are these Giant Swallows?
The pictures below feature a mounted and dismounted Gnomish captain (I shipped the Giant Swallows before it occurred to me to take a scaling pic.) The Giant Swallows aren't terribly big.
For comparison what do other Bird stats look like in warhammer?
Great Eagle M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
2 7 0 5 4 3 5 2 8 7 8 8
Warhawk M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
2 4 0 3 3 1 5 1 7      
Giant Owl* M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
2 6 0 5 4 2 5 2 6 4 6 9
Razorbill** M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
2 3 0 1 2 1 3 1 1 1 1 1

* Giant Owl stats were taken from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st ed.
** Razorbills are essentially large angry puffins, also from WFRP.

I figure that Swallows are between a Warhawk and a Razorbill.
Swallow M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
2 4 0 3 2 1 4 1 6 3 6 6

What do you think? 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

News from the workbench

The Swallows are done!
This is a big update from the workbench. Exciting news. The Swallows are finally done. They come in 4 poses. Below are pictures of 3 of the final poses. The final tricky part was figuring out what a bird saddle looks like. Most other fantasy lines just have their riders surfing on top of their birds or riding bareback. Gnomes are a more practical folk.

 Next, I also finished up the first 3 vignettes for our Medieval Marginalia project. You can see them, below, paired with their original context. I am super excited to see what this next project leads to. Please take our SURVEY to let us know which other marginalia you'd like to see come out of our project.

Here they all are tucked away in little boxes ready to ship to the UK for molding and casting. You can see more pics of the the Skele-Gnomes here.

It wouldn't be news from the workbench if it didn't show a new miniature in progress! Below is the fabled Stollenwurm or Tatzelwurm. A creature of Swiss folklore that had the front end of a cat, and the body of a snake! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Swallow Riders: news from the workbench 4

Hello There and thanks for checking in!
Today we have a quick update from the work bench. I've been able to find a few hours in between studying for finals.

First we have the Swallows. They are nearly done.

They are nearly done, and I am very excited. These are the first two birds I have ever sculpted and there were a handful of lessons learned, some outstanding puzzles that I still need to figure out as well ... and lots of mistakes. I tried to make their necks the right size for gnomes to sit atop, lining things up just so before I added texture, but there is still a garish gap, so this means the Swallows will be getting some saddles and tack. On top of that, even though swallows tuck their tiny feet into their feathers, I still need to sculpt some feet onto the bottom.

Next we have even more gnome riders to augment the 8 poses we already have.

First up we have the female apprentice illusionist. Her conversion is relatively simple from the original on foot version. I sculpted some riding legs, raised her left hand, lowered the staff, and got rid of her ponytail. She's also gained a pouch to cover up an area that didn't come out as I would have liked.

Next we have the heroine clad in mail. She was a very simple conversion, I simply cut one of the mounted spearmen gnomes in half and took his legs and did the opposite to the heroine on foot. I then sculpted a belt between the two halves and added a pouch to cover up an area I didn't like. 

Moving right along, we have the elder illusionist. This conversion work was a bit trickier. In order to make the model a bit more interesting I opted to pose her riding sidesaddle. This meant sculpting little legs and redoing all of the cloak work below the waist. I also removed the pipe as it felt odd to smoke while she rode. I then added a sack to cover up an area I didn't like (but I think it also acts to counterweight the model a bit and make it fit on the fox mounts a little better.)

Finally, I have added a fifth mounted gnome armed with a spear and lightly armored. This was another easy conversion. I cut a spearman in half, sculpted riding legs, gave him a longer hat, a mail coif, and then rejiggered his beard a bit. For some reason he came out feeling a tad big, but not beyond reasoned tolerances. I felt this pose was necessary because the other rider poses weren't quite aggressive enough, and another pose did not fit neatly on the first two swallows (spear running into the wing) so I felt this would give more variation.
Feel free to leave comments on how I can improve or what else you'd like to see in our growing line of gnomes.